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Generational Advances

September 17, 2022 Teri Green 0 Comments
Be slow to speak, quick to listen! – James 1:19-20

Technology has advanced in ways people could only imagine. With every innovation, we are exposed to new threats, and with generation Z being the most diverse generation that we have ever experienced, I am sure we will see new solutions we never thought were possible.

The power of understanding generations allows us to be more effective leaders. In a time when it’s harder to retain talent due to not truly understanding employees’ needs, or their motivations are associated with not genuinely understanding their generational culture, in my opinion. We can no longer force ideology methods of older generations onto mindsets that we have never been exposed to.

The hard truth is we as a people were more submissive and passive than ever back in the day. As a millennial, we were bold, innovative, creative, outspoken, and passionate. So if we believed generations would regress to those older norms, we were mistaken. To achieve what we have never achieved, we must be willing to do what we have never done.

I always read how cybersecurity threat actors have advanced in sophistication, but im not sure I believe it. I believe the mindset has changed of the people that are now behind the keyboards as the generations change. Think about it in the 2000’s there were hacktivists. A hacktivist is a person who gains unauthorized access to computer files or networks to further social or political ends.

So they hacked to further an agenda that they believed. The generation following the millennials is the centennials, aka generation Z. This generation has been raised on the internet and social media, with some of the oldest finishing college by 2020 and entering the workforce. As curiosity evolved so did the type of threats we currently face as a society.

To hack the hacker, you must understand their generational culture, motivating factors, and beliefs. We called generation Z the Zoomers, and who would have thought this would become the era we as a people had to lean more on communication platforms such as zoom to reach the public? So the question is, are you ready to lean on the zoomers? Here comes the Zoom!

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